Hi! You have reached Stephen Calender's personal webpage... well sort of. If you are being redirected to this page I am working on my site or you tried to access my webpage from a device that does not support Flash. You can always access my resume or check out my blog, there is also a simple projects page.

I apologize if you were inconvenienced, I really hope that you come back later. Not wanting to leave you completely empty handed for your troubles, I have something nice for you.

... A puzzle!

You are in the downstairs lobby of a house. There are three switches, all in the 'off' position. Upstairs, there is a room with a lightbulb that is turned off. One and only one of the three switches controls the bulb. You want to discover which switch controls the bulb, but you are only allowed to go upstairs once (you cannot see the light from downstairs, the lightbulb is a standard 100 watt bulb). How do you do it?

~Taken from 'The Art and Craft of Problem Solving' by Paul Zeitz