Hi! You have reached Stephen Calender's personal webpage... well sort of. If you are being redirected to this page I am working on my site or you tried to access my webpage from a device that does not support Flash. You can always access my resume or check out my blog, there is also a simple projects page.

I apologize if you were inconvenienced, I really hope that you come back later. Not wanting to leave you completely empty handed for your troubles, I have something nice for you.

... A puzzle!

Indiana Jones needs to cross a flimsy rope bridge over a mile long gorge. It is so dark that it is impossible to cross the bridge without a flashlight. Furthermore the bridge is so weak that it can only support the weight of two people. The party has just one flashlight, which has a weak beam, so whenever two people cross they are constrained to walk together, at the speed of the slower person. Indiana Jones can cross the bridge in 5 minutes, his girlfriend can cross in 10 minutes, his father needs 20 minutes, and his father's sidekick needs 25 minutes. They need to get everyone across safely in one hour to escape the bad guys. Can they do it?

~Taken from 'The Art and Craft of Problem Solving' by Paul Zeitz